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Music and Theme Development

Literary Terms


4. In a work you have studied in this course, debate to what degree chaos is the result of a
character's struggle to re-order his or her world.

24. To what extent does a central character’s struggle in a complex world reveal elements of
human nature and/or the values of society in a work studied in this course?

Essay Analysis

Heart of Darkness

HOD ESSAY PROMPTS: Remember, first you need a strong theme before you can go about designing your essay. However, with the prompts, you can start to think of your three main arguments for your body paragraphs AND be highlighting details relevant to the prompt. (Plagiarism can put you in serious hot water)

1. Analyze how the journey, whether literal or figurative, is employed to shape and / or reveal the protagonist's character in a work studied in this course.
2. In literature, imagery is used to amplify theme. Evaluate the validity of this statement with respect to a work you have studied in this course.

Short Story Unit